Computer security

McAfee Inc is one of the leading American global computer organisation which is centred in California. The Company is considered as a cyber-security company which is instrumental in securing the digital lifestyle of every user. McAfee antivirus is a great tool to help the users stay safe from any kind of online threat.

Some of the products of McAfee are as below:-

  • Database Security
  • Data protection and Encryption
  • Endpoint protection
  • Advanced threat analysis
  • Server Security
  • Security Management
  • Network Security
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Web Security

McAfee antivirus is one of the best antivirus software which is widely popular all around the world. With the help of this antivirus the users can easily fix their threats which have seriously hampered their official and personal work. The antivirus software from McAfee are the first choice of the users as they provide complete protection to the users from any kind of malware, spyware and virus. McAfee company always put in hard efforts in introducing new software for the users who are entangled into any security threat which has posed a noticeable danger to their computers. 

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