Why it is important to Cyber Security?

What is Cyber Security? 

In today's digitalized world, where everything is just a finger away, protecting your sensitive data has been equally challenging. Cyber security, in this case, defends your computer from digital attacks and keeps it as safe as possible. The article aims to provide you with all the relevant information regarding cyber security; take a look to stay upgraded. Cyber security protects your internet-connected systems, such as software data, from cyber threats, hardware, networks, and programs from digital attacks. Individuals and enterprises use cyber security to protect their systems from unauthorized access to data centers and computers. Cyber security provides a high-security posture against malicious attacks designed to access, alter, delete, delete, or extort the companies' or users' systems and sensitive data. It also protects attackers from disabling or disrupting the systems or devices' operations. 

The Five Different Types of Cyber Security 

Once you understand what cybersecurity is, let's check the five types of cybersecurity. These are different, but their purpose is the same: to establish data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

  • Application Security: Application security means to protect software applications from malware attacks and data theft. Here, various methods are used to detect threats that target application vulnerability.
  • Networks security: This security protects and defends online networks, systems, and programs from digital threats. In network security, the user access and procedure to safeguard network integrity include. If you are using network security, it will prevent the misuse of your account, illegal access, and many more. 
  • Cloud Security: As the name suggests, it protects the cloud-based system and sensitive data from malicious attacks. It's very popular among individuals and enterprises using cloud-based services to store their sensitive data. 
  • Critical Infrastructure security: It protects the infrastructure like energy, water, communication systems, and transportation from malicious activity. Apart from digital attacks, it provides physical protection, such as camera/video surveillance systems and firewalls for illegal virtual and physical access prevention. 
  • Internet of Things Security (IoT): These cyber security types protect your networks and devices connecting to the internet from potential cyber threats. IoT monitors the incoming risk, identifies threats, and reduces security vulnerability, putting the system at risk. This type of security can involve anything from smartphones to smart cars. 

What is Critical National Infrastructure cyber security? 

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) cybersecurity aims to protect essential systems, assets, and networks essential for a nation's functioning and its economy. These critical infrastructures cover various sectors, including energy, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, and government services. It's like having strong locks and security guards to prevent bad actors from messing with important services that keep a country running smoothly and securely.

Conclusion: By walking through the information above, hopefully, you learned 'What are Cyber Security?' What are the various types of cyber security and Critical National Infrastructure? Besides, if you have any doubts or need more details, share your queries below. 


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