How to Cancel British Airways Flight?


British Airways Cancellation Policy

Want to cancel the British airways' reservation? Know about the cancellation and refund policy of the airline

British Airways is among the largest airlines in the United Kingdom. It serves its passengers with domestic as well as international flights that are operated to 183 destinations across the world. Being the largest airline in the country, the best services and facilities are provided to the passengers of British Airways. 

The features of the airline that make it a first choice of the passengers are mentioned below:

  • ​The feature of online services makes travel easier for passengers.
  • The booking, upgrade, flight change, etc. can be easily done through the website of British Airways. The service of cancellation is also there which is done according to British airways cancellation policy.
  • The airline offers different travel classes to passengers. Suitable one can be chosen as per budget and comfort.
  • Along with booking facilities, passengers are offered to have the deals and offers for saving money on travel.
  • In-flight services that make the travel more comfortable are provided to the passengers.

  British Airways Cancellation policy 24hours

  • In case, a passenger wishes to cancel the booking, it can be easily done by following the rules of British airways cancellation policy, which is as follows:
  • The cancellation is only possible if the ticket is booked and confirmed.
  • The option of free cancellation can be availed by the passenger by canceling the ticket within 24 hours of booking.
  • If cancellation is done after 24 hours, a cancellation fee is applicable which varies according to the distance.
  • The cancellation of the ticket can either be done online or by contacting the support department.
  • For offline booking, the passenger has to visit a travel agency.
  • The charges of cancellation will be calculated according to the total fare of the ticket. 

  British Airways Refund policy

  • After cancellation, if the passenger needs to claim the refund, it can only be done according to the British airways refund policy. The rules are as follows:
  • The refund can be claimed by raising the online refund request.
  • The refund is provided if the passenger wants to change the flight or if the passenger does not want to pay the difference amount of upgrade.
  • If a flight is canceled, then an automatic refund will be processed by the airline.
  • In case, the refund amount is not received within three weeks after the cancellation of the flight, refund form is sent to the airlines.

To know more about British airways cancellation policy or other services in the airline, customer support can be contacted. The contact details are provided on the official website of British airways.

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