How Can I uninstall AVG and then reinstall ?

Can I uninstall AVG and then reinstall ?

AVG is antivirus software that protects your devices from harmful viruses and hackers. Your data and private information are totally secure with AVG. In case your AVG software is showing some trouble or not working well, and you are wondering can I uninstall AVG and then reinstall? Yes, you can do that, dial the phone number 1-802-327-8055 and it will help you with the smooth working of AVG on your device.

Issues Which Resolve by Reinstalling AVG

If one worries that they will lose the data on uninstalling the AVG software from their device, then worry not, as one can restore the files after reinstalling AVG on the PC. Issues that the reinstall process can solve are mentioned below:

  • Incorrect Configuration
  • Bug Issues
  • System Errors
  • Not detecting the viruses properly
  • Not clearing the unwanted files of its own

What are the process to uninstall AVG and then reinstall? 

If you want to prevent an issue by uninstalling the old software and installing a new one but need to know the process to uninstall AVG and then reinstall? Then you can follow the steps provided below: 

  • Open the Window Start button on your PC,
  • Go to the Control Panel and then click on the Programs option,
  • Open the programs installed list on your PC, click “Programs & Features,”
  • Look for the AVG and tap on Uninstall button,
  • After the uninstallation of the software, remove it from the Bin as well,
  • Restart your PC to refresh the device.
  • Now, go to internet explorer and search for AVG,
  • Open the AVG page and look for the latest version,
  • Tap on the Download Now button and reinstall on your PC,
  • Open the installed file on your screen and follow the instruction it shows,
  • After the whole process, again restart your device and use the reinstalled AVG without any issues.

Hence, if you face bugs in your AVG software and trying all the ways to fix the problems is not helpful, then uninstalling and reinstalling AVG will solve the issue. AVG also frees up the space on your device and helps in the smooth working of your device. You can follow the above steps mentioned in the process of uninstalling and reinstalling AVG on the PC.

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