How do I change or reset my Facebook password?

Facebook Change Password

So you are a Facebook user who has been facing issues with your account and now you want to change its password or reset it. Well, then this article will surely help you out with the best solutions and make your worries go away. Here’s how.

Steps To Change Password In A Facebook Account

Changing the password of an account helps you to ensure its safety and privacy. The following steps on Facebook change password will help you ensure your FB account.

  • Head over to the account login page of Facebook in your web browser
  • Enter the username and password of your FB account and then hit the Log in button
  • Now, navigate to the top-right section and then select the downward arrow icon
  • Next, select the Settings & Privacy option and then the Settings
  • Now hit the Security and Login and then select Edit located next to Change Password
  • Here, you’ll need to Enter your current password and then the new password
  • Now hit the Save Changes button to confirm changes

Moreover, if you face any issue with the aforementioned steps on Facebook change password then feel free to contact tech support for getting further assistance. Now have a look at the steps to reset the password of your FB account in no time.

How to Reset Facebook Account Password

The following steps will help you to reset the password of your FB account with the help of reset code.

  • Navigate to the FB account recovery page and then enter the username, phone number or email address of your account
  • Select the search button to find your account and then on the next page, select the “Send code via SMS” on the phone number linked to your account
  • Hit the Continue to button and then get the code
  • Hereafter, enter it in the given field and then hit the verify button to reset your password
  • Now, you can enter a new password on the next page and then save the changes

Moreover, if you don’t know the phone number linked to the account then here’s how to recover the Facebook password without the reset code.

How to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code.

  • Visit the Facebook login webpage and then enter the username/email address of your account
  • Hit the “Forgot account?” link and then select the link that says: “Didn't get a code?”, from the next page
  • Next, you’ll receive a recovery mail on the email account linked with your FB account
  • Select the recovery link attached with the email and then you can reset your password by entering a new one on the FB account recovery page

Moreover, you can contact tech support to get any further help on how to recover Facebook password with or without the code from the experts.

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