How to fix google chrome keep crashing?

Google Chrome Keep Crashing? what to do?

Everything You Should Know About Google Chrome Crashing

Google Chrome is one of those vital search engines that have a large user base. It provides the best and relevant results as well as an important part of the organization. It is available in every type of device as well as compatible with any software. 

Though, people experience Google chrome crashing that could bring many issues and may influence the work. If you are wondering why does Google Chrome keeps crashing then go through below mentioned write-up. 

Top Reasons Why Google Chrome Keep Crashing

There are many reasons why chrome keeps crashing or stops working. We have covered the most common ones:

  • Open Multiple Tabs: If you are opening five to ten tabs at the same time, then it may cause some issues. But, opening multiple tabs and sites can occur this crashing. You can check the opening tabs from the extreme left corner of the browser. 
  • Malware Activities: User opens multiple sites on Chrome but numerous times most of them bring some virus or unnecessary cache. These bring malware not only to your browser and reduce the running efficiency but in your system too. 
  • Remove Some Extension: There are extension functions in chrome and no doubt it is useful. But, most of them might slow down the chrome and crash it. 

If you are still wondering why is Google Chrome crashing all the time then among the above-mentioned ones could be the reason. Now, we have covered the solutions below.

What to Do To Fix Google Chrome Crashing Issues?

It is important to overcome such issues promptly. We have come up with the best solutions and easy to direct. 

  • Check For Updates: It is vital to give updates to the system to work smoothly. Though, many times people are not aware of it and miss it. But, the company provides the update to provide the software additional security. You can update and know about it by going to the setting of the browser. 
  • Reinstall System: Many times the chrome crashes due to some glitch. The best way to remove it is that you can uninstall the system. You can again install it from the store and use it. It will fix the problem fast even, you can log in with the current ID. 
  • Close All Tabs: If you have opened the tabs more than enough, then you can remove them. And make sure you close the old ones first. They drag the system more and introduce the crashing problem. With the one-click remove tabs option, you can clear them. It will clear the unnecessary cache as well as the store data. 

Now you must understand why does Google Chrome keep freezing or crashing and how to manage the issues fast. If you face the problem quite often, then you can contact Google Chrome customer service. 

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