How to switch Yahoo email to Gmail?

How can I switch my Yahoo email to Gmail?

Yahoo email account is pretty simple to create on its official sign-in website and use this free webmail account on your technical device at any time. This free webmail account provides valuable storage capacity for your email account where you can store multiple data at a time and use it to share to various clients at any time. It is pretty simple to access the email account you have just created, using its specific user ID and password, which you can keep secure to make some changes in your account at any time ideally. Suppose you have aimed to switch your Yahoo email to Gmail account for some reason or desire to experiment with this kind of process on your mobile and computer device. In that case, you are required to go through the settings and ensure you can have an instant on-screen process to switch Yahoo email to Gmail account appropriately.  

Yahoo email is straightforward to configure on various email accounts, and when it comes to switching Yahoo email to Gmail, you are going to import your Yahoo's all features and services to Gmail. You will import only your Yahoo contacts which you can add to your Gmail account to use and manage it in your preferences. Hence, it is clear that you can ideally switch your Yahoo to Gmail at your required time. It is essential to share that you should have excellent internet connectivity to complete the task at the right time. 

What can be the steps to switch Yahoo email to Gmail?

 If you wish to switch your Yahoo account to Gmail, you need to go through the step-by-step methods that would provide you with essential information to use your Yahoo as Gmail account. After switching your Yahoo to Gmail account, you don't need to log in to your Yahoo as you will access the Gmail sign-in page and check the entire email into your Gmail account. Hence, if you wish to know what are the steps to switch account Yahoo email to Gmail, you need to go through the steps provided by the expert team and gain proper advice and help to fulfill your concern while switching Yahoo to Gmail account in an effective manner. 

Following are the ways to switch Yahoo to a Gmail account:

  • First, ensure you got logged into your Yahoo account with its correct user ID and password to access quickly.
  • Go to the settings gear icon option showing on the page and click the settings button select the accounts and import tab.
  • Click the import and contact tab to enter the details of your Yahoo email account and select what you wish to import.
  • Click on the continue button and ensure your Yahoo account is signed in; click on the next tab and click on agree on button accordingly.
  • Close the Yahoo log-in Window, select the import button after choosing a Gmail account, and click on the start import button to switch.
  • Click on the OK button and Go to the Gmail account to choose the contact option to import and click on the Yahoo account.
  • You will get an option to switch your Yahoo account click on the agreement on the button after completing the task.

​If you still wish to inquire how can I switch my Yahoo email to Gmail, you must have steps mentioned above that would assist you in switching Yahoo to Gmail with its contacts, emails, and other services you need ideally.

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