how do I turn on live chat on Facebook?

How can I turn on live chat on Facebook?

Facebook is a worldwide social media, that is used by the plenty of users to connect to the peoples or to share their views. Facebook introduces the option of live chat so that Facebook users can contact Facebook customer care. But the Facebook users face the question of how do I turn on live chat on Facebook. So for those users who are facing issues in turn on the live chat option, below are the steps that will help the user in turn on the live chat option.

Steps to turn on the live chat option

  1. On the Facebook webpage, the user can log in to the account or, without login, move to the bottom right side of the web page.
  2. Then FB live chat option will be there, and the user needs to tap on the option and need to enter the email address and website.
  3. After entering the details, the live chat option is on, and then the automated bot will be there to assist you with the issue that you are facing.
  4. If the online assistant is not available, then the online bot will send the message, and the assistant will contact the user shortly.

How can I activate live chat on Facebook?

Many times it is seen that the users are more comfortable in chatting. Whenever Facebook users face the issue related to the services that they are facing, they either prefer to call or to chat. Nowadays, the live chatting option or chatting is the most preferred option by the user. So Facebook started providing the option of live chat. But users face difficulty inactivating, and they question how do I activate live chat on Facebook. Below mentioned steps will help the Facebook user to activate the live chat on Facebook.

Steps to activate live chat option

  1. Firstly the user needs to open the official web page of Facebook.
  2. Then the user will see the live chat option at the right-hand bottom corner of the Facebook page.
  3. Then the user requires entering the email and website details so that their live chat option gets activated.
  4. Then the user will see the online assistant that will assist the user with its queries on chat and give the best possible solution to the issue that they are facing.

Does Facebook have a live chat option?

Facebook is the worldwide social media. It provides good customer support to its users. Many times the Facebook users face issues with the services provided by Facebook, and they ask Does Facebook have a live chat option? So that the user can chat to the live person and ask about the issue that they are facing. So yes, Facebook provides the live chat option, but it is restricted to business accounts. Normal users can’t talk to Facebook customer support via live chat.

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