Can you delete or restore emails in AOL Mail?

How can you delete or restore emails in AOL Mail? 

AOL, also known as America Online, is an American service provider and a web portal based in New York City. In early 2005 the company decided to launch an email service names Goodmail which would allow the companies to use the mailing service to send an email to their preexisting business users. If there is no visual indication that the received mail is from a genuine sender, then it will be put in the spam folder. If you are facing a problem with your mailing software dial phone number 1-802-327-8055 and want to know how to delete or restore mail from AOL, then keep reading the article below.

steps to delete or restore emails in AOL Mail? 

You don't have to worry about your inbox getting full of old and spam mail and restricting you from receiving new mail. The New AOL Mail will let you easily delete unwanted emails and keep your inbox clean and organized. Follow the below steps to delete the AOL emails from your inbox.

  • Start by selecting one or more messages.
  • Or you can select the Select All icon shown at the top of all displayed emails. 
  • After clicking on the box, all the mail shown on the screen will get selected, and you have to click on the Delete ( trash can icon) option, which is present beside the select all option. 
  • All mail will get deleted. Follow the same procedure for deleting mail on the next page.

To delete emails present in the folder of AOL-

  • Take your mouse cursor over a folder and click on the left
  • Now select the folder options icon (a box with the down arrow)
  • Now select empty.

Is there a way to retrieve deleted emails from AOL?

Presume you might have deleted some important emails in AOL Mail by mistake. When this happens, the deleted mail will be sent to a different deleted folder known as Trash. They will be kept in the trash can for up to seven days before permanently getting deleted. In case you have just deleted your mail and it's been less than seven days interval then you can try to restore the mail by following the below steps.

  • Go to your AOL mailing account by signing in using your username and password.
  • Now choose the "Trash" icon, which is located on the left of the screen, to spend the trash folder.
  • Now select the mail which you need to recover and click the "Action" button above, then below the menu, find "Inbox" under the "Move To" option.
  • Now your mail will be restored to your inbox.

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