How do I connect with Facebook re a problem?

How do I contact Facebook re a problem?

Facebook is a vast social networking app; the users of Facebook enjoy the services like posting pictures, messaging each other, sharing thoughts, and many more. Many users face problems and want to report a problem, but they don’t know the process. If they want to know the complete process, they will have to read the below.

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select Report a Problem.
  3. Select the Facebook product you're having a problem with.
  4. Describe your problem in the text box, including the steps you took to encounter the issue.
  5. Attach a screenshot (optional).
  6. Tap Submit.

Ways to report a problem are mentioned below.

Through chat: if the user selects this option, they need to follow the below-mentioned ways.

  • First, search Facebook in any preferred web browser.
  • Next, you need to click on the option of help and support.
  • Further, you can see various options. You need to select the option of chat from that.
  • Following, you have to choose the preferred language and fill out the query in the given space, and the representative will send you the solutions within some time.

Through phone call: if the user is not in a situation to talk or wants to go with some other option, they can also choose it. If the user wants to go with this option, they need to search Facebook in any suitable web browser and click on the help and support section now; the screen will show the number you need to call on that number and follow the given instructions.

  • Dial phone number (650) 984-7300
  • Press 1 login issue
  • Press 2 talk to a representative
  • Press3 report a Facebook re a problem
  • Press 4 to go back menu

With the help of earlier mentioned ways, the user can solve the query like How do I contact Facebook re a problem? Still, if the user finds any difficulty doing that, they can also contact the official representative of Facebook. 

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