How to create a proton email account?

How do I create a proton email account?

Having an email account is mandatory nowadays. Most of the important places where the use of email is required like ticket booking, communicating with any person, applying for jobs, etc. It is an official way to get in contact with someone. Proton's email is also a way to do all these things quickly and effectively. Proton email helps the user to make conversation enjoyable through their filter features. Hence, connect with the representative using the various modes to solve the available issues on their help page. Too Many users ask  How do I create a free proton account? then have to follow below steps

Steps to make a proton email account 

  • First, open the preferred web browser and go to the proton mail sign-up page.
  • Then in the following step user need to touch on the select free plan. If the user wants to get filters, more storage, and other features, they will have to choose the premium plan.
  • Then the user needs to select the option of creating your account go to the username and domain section, and enter the username you want to use for your protonMail email address.
  • In the password section, the user needs to enter the password the user wants to use and retype it to confirm the password. Users will use this to log in to their protonmail account.
  • Optionally in the recovery email section, enter one of your alternate email addresses. If you need help remembering the name password, this is the address at which proton mail will contact you. It is not mandatory to fill it.
  • In the last step, users need to click on the create account option, which is in the bottom right of their screen.

 Is ProtonMail for free?

ProtonMail is a free email service for the public good. Users can use this app for free it is not paid for. If the user uses this app, they don't have to pay anything to anyone. Still, if the user wants to get some extra benefits like more storage, updated filters, and other feature, they will have to pay the charges accordingly. 

With the help of the steps mentioned earlier, the user will be able to create the account on proton mail, and if the user gets any difficulty in doing that, then they have to call on the customer care service and talk with the official representative of the ProtonMail. The number is available on the official website of the proton mail. They will help you in a more systematic and effective manner.  

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