How do I recover my Apple ID account?

How do I recover my Apple ID account?

If you have forgotten or lost your Apple ID account and want to get back into it, you should not worry. There are several options present to recover an Apple ID account which you will learn about below. How do I recover my Apple ID account? there are a few ways. Below some ways are mentioned, along with the procedure which you can follow to recover your Apple ID account.

Through a trusted apple device

You can recover your account using a trusted Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with the provided steps:

  • Go to the settings of the Apple device,
  • Click the name on the top or corner of the screen,
  • Extend the “Password & Security” Section,
  • Then choose the Change Password option,
  • You will get some instructions to follow,
  • After following the instructions, you will be able to recover your Apple ID account.

Through Apple Support App

Suppose you have not added any device for account recovery earlier but have access to the phone number you added as a trusted contact on your Apple ID account. In that case, you can recover the account through Apple Support App. Take an Apple device from a friend or family for a few minutes and follow the below steps:

  • Download the Apple Support App on the device if you haven’t already,
  • Open the Apple Support App,
  • Navigate the “Support Tools” option on the app,
  • Click the option of “Reset Password,”
  • Further, choose the “A different Apple ID” option,
  • Enter your Apple ID in the column,
  • Then press the Next button,
  • Follow the instructions shown on your screen,
  • Then your password will be reset, and you will recover your Apple ID account. 

How can I recover my Apple ID without phone number or email?

If you do not have the phone number and email address to recover your Apple ID, you can get back to your account. You must check the devices where you have signed in with your Apple ID earlier. With the below steps, you can check on your device whether you have already signed on with your Apple ID:

  • Open your device,
  • Go to the settings of the device,
  • Click on the username,
  • Extend the account details,
  • Check the Apple ID. 

Apple id account recovery

You can set up Apple ID recovery on your other Apple devices like iPhones or iPad. Choose the device where you want to set up the Apple ID account recovery and follow the beneath steps:

  • Go to the settings on your device,
  • Tap your name on the Setting menu,
  • Click the “Password & security” option,
  • Select Account Recovery or Recovery Assistance,
  • Then select “Add Recovery Contact,”
  • Verify with the Face ID or Touch ID,
  • Send the invite for recovery contact,
  • then after accepting the invite, the Apple ID account recovery will be added successfully.

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