How do I activate Google Voice assistant?

How to Set Up Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual helper that employs the artificial-intelligence. It is available on mobiles through which you can do multiple tasks, like control your smart home devices, music, play content on a different system, and set reminders. 

It makes the process of managing tasks easy and it is compatible with devices. But, many people fail to leverage this because they don’t know how to set up it on android mobile. If you want to use it but searching for how do I set up Google Assistant then follow the below-shown steps? 

How to set up Google Assistant on Android instantly

It is easy to install it on your device, all you need to direct the simple strides. Make sure you have a smartphone or android. There are certain things that you should know before installing it. 

  • First of all, Google assistant is an inbuilt application 
  • All you need to click on the home button 
  • Here you have to need to press the home button for at least 10 seconds 
  • Now, you can see a popup on your device, where the Google assistance will take permission to turn on/off the feature 
  • Click on the Turn “ON” and move to settings 
  • Here, you might have to set the voice, all you need to say certain terms. With this Google, the assistant will recognize easily
  • You can choose any one term from “Hey Google” or “Hi Google” or “Ok Google”

​Now, you have to provide access to your contact, Gallery, and documents. It is important and plays an imperative role when you ask Google assistance to call someone or send some messages. 

Now, you must understand the process of how to set up Google Assistant on Android instantlyYou can set language too: 

How to Set Language on Google Assistant 

It is always convenient to talk to the assistant in your language. It makes the process easy and lets the device understand your query or command in a much better way. 

  • Open your mobile 
  • Click on the Google Home application 
  • Click on the Hamburger menu 
  • Go to the assistant settings languages 
  • Choose the language you want 

​Once you set the language then you can complete the process of how do I activate Google voice AssistantThe best part of it that it is completely safe and secure. Still, if you face any issues while operating it, then don’t forget to contact the technical Google team. 


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