Live person at Microsoft?

How do I talk to a live person at Microsoft?

Microsoft has prominent features that make it more accessible by the users of the Operating System. The use of Microsoft could face problems that will lead to generating a question in mind that How do I talk to a live person at Microsoft. It is very common that technical glitches create interference in the working of the system. In that case, they want technical support to solve their issue as soon as possible. The Microsoft live chat agent assists you to get whole products including, MS Office, Windows, Surface, and much more. 

Now, when we think of MS Office, then it is one of the most popular and handy software that provides excellent features, services, and products as per the requirement of the customers on their important time. So, let us find out how a user can contact a live person.

How do I talk to a real person at Microsoft?

The process by which a user can contact a live person in Microsoft is as follows:

  • First of all, visit the Microsoft Support Page and choose the issues which you want to solve. 
  • Then, enter the email address and password so as to access and then enter the description.
  • Write your queries and then click on the contact button and select chat, phone call, and email service simply.
  • Now talk to the live person and select phone call and press 3 to start a conversation.
  • For starting a  live chat with the support by clicking the "Open Get Help app" button. 
  • Hence, this is to ensure that, when you find something wrong with your Microsoft account, Windows desktop or laptop, or its products, you should feel free to contact our live person at any time.

Contacting by Email

You can contact the live person at Microsoft by email as well. You have to Draft an email to describing your issue. In that do not forget to include the product key number and any relevant warranty information. Highlight the contact information so that the technical person can easily contact you.

Contacting by Online Chat

Go to the Microsoft Online chat portal. Describe the nature of your problem and say ‘I want to talk to a representative’ and could chat with a live person of Microsoft.

There is always a doubt in your mind that how do I talk to a real person at Microsoft. The real person is available for the customers round the clock and 7 days a week. The authorized number can be dialed which will assist its customers and give proper instructions to solve your issue as soon as possible. 

Hence, you are free to connect with Microsoft Customer Service at any time.

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