Can I Transfer Norton Antivirus to a New Computer?

How Do I Transfer Norton Antivirus to a New Computer?

If you have recently bought a new computer and wish to wish your Norton antivirus to your new computer, you are required to follow the following steps. To install the Norton antivirus on the new computer, it must be uninstalled from your old computer. How Do I Transfer Norton Antivirus to a New Computer? are mentioned here for you as follows:

The process to transfer Norton Antivirus to a New Computer

  • Get onto the Subscription page of Norton and log in to your account using the email and password assigned to you when you purchased the License.
  • Select the "Norton Antivirus" from the service section and delete the License from the old computer by clicking on the trash can icon
  • Select the 'Download' button and select the "agree & download" option to install the Norton antivirus on your new computer or call 1 (803) 715 -2726.
  • Once the file is saved on your hard drive, double-click it to set up the Wizard. If you are using internet explorer, click on the "run " option to launch the Wizard immediately.
  • Select the "Agree & Install" option to install the Norton Virus on your new computer. The process will take less than a minute, and the program gets installed and starts immediately.

Purchase new License

  • If your old desktop is still in use and you have bought a new computer, you want to be saved from the virus. In that case, you can buy the new Norton Antivirus for your computer dial phone number 1 (803) 715 -2726. Purchase several licenses if you want to activate the License on multiple devices. 
  • Ensure that the auto-renew subscription box is not clicked to prevent the subscription from renewing automatically. After the expiry then, click on the confirm option.
  • Click on the continue and secure option, provide the required information and complete the purchase. The Norton will send you your login credentials on a registered email address.
  • Download the trial version from the "Norton Anti Virus - Download 30-day Free Trial" page and then install the software by using the CD and DVD of Norton Antivirus if purchased from the local store.
  • Launch antivirus, select the Review, and activate the option in the subscription status section. Make the confirmation for the availability of the product key. Check the email sent by the Norton Antivirus to find the product key and type it down as per the on-screen instructions.

Follow the above-given process to know the steps for Transfer Norton Anti-Virus to a New Computer As well as to purchase the new version.

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