Block Emails on Gmail ?

How To Block Emails on Gmail?

A Quick Guide to Block Emails on your Gmail Account

Many Gmail users report this issue of receiving unwanted emails on their Gmail account. This can be very annoying many times. Are you also facing the same issue and want to get rid of those unwanted emails? 

Gmail users, who are getting emails that are of no use can get rid of them by blocking the email address from which they are getting the email. Now you might think, how to block emails on Gmail? Here is all you need to do to block emails on your Gmail account.

The process to block an email address on a Gmail account?

  • Gmail users first need to visit the login page of Gmail using a preferred web browser.
  • Now the Gmail users need to log in to their account using their Gmail login credentials.
  • Now, search for an email sent by the address that you wish to block.
  • Now, on the top right corner, the Gmail users will find a More option in the form of three dots.
  • The Gmail users need to click on the More option.
  • In the More option, the Gmail users need to select the Block address option to block the email address.

By following these steps, Gmail users can easily block the email address from which they are getting unwanted emails on Gmail.

How to block emails on Gmail?- Mass Subscription

  • The users first need to go to the login page of Gmail and log in to their account.
  • Now, Gmail users need to open the Mass email.
  • The users will find a Change Preference/ Unsubscribe option right next to the sender’s name.
  • Gmail users need to select the option and follow the instructions given to block mass emails.

These steps can help you in blocking mass emails from your Gmail account. If any user is still not sure about how to block unwanted email on Gmail, then he/she can contact the Gmail customer service to get immediate assistance on this. A Google live person will surely help the user in blocking unwanted emails within no time. 

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