Does deleting emails free up space on Gmail?

How to free up space on Gmail?

In a modern world, you all must have a Gmail account; everyone uses a Gmail account, from office work to a student login portal. And many of you must suffer with the space on your Gmail, and this stops sending and receiving mails on your Gmail. If you are also looking for free-up space on Gmail, you have to go with the steps of freeing up the space. Google is providing 15 GB of free storage to every account, but many of us exceed this limit, and because of this, our Gmail stops working. Go below the steps for deleting unnecessary data on your Gmail account.

  • Firstly you have to open your Gmail account from any of the browsers, and in the search box, you have to write has: attachment larger:10m, and then you have to click on the enter button. You can set the size according to your preference.
  • Then you have several emails you can filter by using the button on the search bar.
  • Then you must have to open each email, and whatever files you want to delete, you have to click on the trash bin to delete the eemails on your Gmail.
  • You have to delete the email permanently from your spam folder. So the space can free up more.
  • On the Gmail account left-hand menu, you will find the option of spam you have to click on, and if you aren’t able to see any spam, you have to click on more.
  • And then, on the top of the browser, you will find the select all spam message; now click on that, and then your all emails get deleted; you also have the option of deleting the email individually by opening every one.
  • Now you are done with freeing up space on your Gmail, and you have one more option: you can check your drive and delete the unnecessary data from there too, which also can provide you with more space on your account.

Does deleting emails free up space on Gmail?

It depends on where you are deleting the emails. If you are deleting the email manually from an account and then again from a trash bin, then it gets permanently deleted, and the space will be restored. Make sure every time you delete the emails, you have to delete them from the trash bin. also then, only you will get the space on your account. Otherwise, deleting mail from an account but not in the trash bin can never free up space for you.

Now you must get aware of how you can free up space on your Gmail account with these easy and efficient steps.


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