How to Change iCloud Password?

iCloud Change Password

Know about the steps of iCloud change password 

To access the services and applications of Apple, a user needs an iCloud account. The iCloud account can be used for remote access to the photos, documents, music, etc. that are saved in cloud storage.

How to Change iCloud Password On iPhone?

iCloud account contains the device data which is personal as well as important for the user. In order to maintain its security and avoiding data theft, a user should update the password of iCloud on a regular basis. The risk of data theft increases when a user sends, receive or share data. If a user wants to know how to change iCloud password on iPhone, then below mentioned steps can be followed:

  • The user is required to open the settings of the iPhone.
  •  Then, the Apple ID is tapped at the top of the screen.
  •   After that, the Password & Security button is clicked.
  •    In the next step, the Change password button on the top is tapped.
  •    When prompted, the user is required to enter the passcode on the screen.
  •    The passcode is entered twice for security purposes.
  •    Further, the Change button is tapped for iCloud change password.
  •    Finally, the user chooses whether to sign-out from other Apple devices or not.

How to Change iCloud Password Online?

The steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

  •   Initially,the Apple ID website is browsed on the internet.
  •    Then, the user is required to login to the Apple ID account.
  •    By scrolling down to the security section, the user will have an iCloud change password.
  •    After that, the change password button is clicked.
  •     In the next step, the current Apple ID password is entered twice for security.
  •    Finally, the Change password button is clicked for changing the password.

Change iCloud Password On Mac?

 The password change in Mac is carried out with the following steps:

  • The user is required to click the Apple menu.
  • The button of System Preferences is clicked under the Apple menu.
  • Then, the icloud is clicked which will result in a pop-up window.
  • After that, the unit details button is clicked in the left pane.
  • In the next step, the security tab is clicked.
  • Further, the get password button is clicked.
  • A window is then popped-up and the is asked to enter the password twice.
  • Finally, click the button of change password, the procedure of iCloud change password is completed.

For any help, technical support of Apple can be contacted at any time. The technical team has the executives who assist the users with the best solutions for the issue or query. The contact info along with details is provided on the official website of Apple.

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