How Do I Recover a Hacked Gmail Account?

Recover a Hacked Gmail Account?

Gmail is a fantastic email service that has numerous users located in various regions of the world. Gmail employs a password that is meant to secure your account from any unwanted login. Although, this security can also be breached by a few users and they hack the account of other users. In this scenario, you are required to use the technical expertise to use the recovery process.

How to Recover my Hacked Gmail Account?

  • Launch your web browser and visit the account recovery page of Gmail.
  • Type in the Email or Phone in the essential box and continue to the next page.
  • Make an effort to enter the password of your email account and try logging in.
  • Try another way and choose a recovery phone number or alternative email ID.
  • Click on the Send button to receive the verification code through SMS or Email.
  • Use that code and enter it into the required box to prove the ownership of the account.
  • Move to the password reset section and enter a new password in a required field.
  • Type in your account password again for confirming it to make it permanent.

Some users are still baffled about the process to Recover Hacked Gmail Account. Here, they can use an official recovery process and use a trusted device to finish the task of recovering your account. Use this process by entering the matching codes on the devices and claim that you are the owner of your account. Apart from it, security questions are also a great method to restore a hacked account.

How Can You Verify That Your Gmail Account Has Actually Been Hacked?

The majority of users are puzzled about the process through which they can check whether their Gmail account is hacked or not. Here, the most useful method which you can choose to verify the account status is to check the past activities of your account. Complete this by checking the last account activity feature. In this feature, you can analyze the IP, location, and schedule when Gmail is used.

Apart from this, check your email forwarding section and see any unusual activity from your account. You can also check your settings and ensure that the POP and IMAP feature is disabled in it.

Whether you have used an alternative email address or recovery phone number to achieve the recovery task of your account, you may face some problems in it. If you doubt in the standard process to Recover Hacked Gmail Account, contact the official Gmail customer support team. With this method, you will gain various details which will help you to recover a hacked account.

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