How to Recover Snapchat Account?

How to recover your Snapchat account?

It may get frustrating to some users to lose access to their Snapchat account. Snapchat is a social media platform that outstands for its privacy-oriented features. Users may forget their Snapchat password, or their account got hacked by someone could be the reason behind losing access to the account. You can follow the steps of Snapchat account recovery highlighted below to get access to your Snapchat account in a very hassle-free way.

How to recover your Snapchat account if you can't remember the password?

  • Open your Snapchat app on your mobile phone.
  • Now under the login details, put your username or email and select forgot password.
  • Next, select the options through which you want to recover your id (email or phone number).
  • You will receive a link on whatever mode you prefer to reset your password.
  • You can easily change your password via that link and log in to your account once again.

How do I get my Snapchat account back without a verification code?

If you have doubt in mind that you might change your number in the future and may not be able to receive the verification code in case of logging in to your Snapchat account. You may refer to the steps given below to know how to create a Snapchat recovery code.

Steps to create Snapchat recovery code

  • Launch your Snapchat application on your mobile phone.
  • Select your profile option and tap on settings to get started.
  • Tap on the two-factor authentication option.
  • Choose the recovery code feature present on display.
  • Next, you need to select generate code.
  • Enter the password if required.
  • You will finally generate codes that you can keep to get access to your Snapchat account in the future.
  • Try to save it in a secure place or your online account, or write it down in your diary.

Hence you can easily follow the steps mentioned below to get help with how do I get my Snapchat account without a verification code, and for more help, you can reach out to Snapchat support. The customer executive will get back to you as they are available 24x7 to help their users.

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