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In the beginning, Claws Mail was called Sylpheed-Claws and was the unstable branch of the Sylpheed e-mail client. In due course, Claws Mail comprehended beyond Sylpheed and became a separate entity. Even though claws-mail contains extra specifications than Sylpheed, it still enjoys the lightning-fast speed and reliability of its former parent.Claws Mail can now be installed in Linux, Solaris, BSD, OS X, Maemo, and Windows.



Very fast GUI and mail handling

Usenet reading/posting

Multiple accounts

SSL  and GnuPG support

Threaded display

User-defined headers


MH and Mbox folder support/import/export

Mime attachments

Plugin capabilities


How to Install Claws Mail?

Step 1: Firstly download the gpg4win installation file. If you look at the Windows port page, you will notice two versions to download: the "official" release from the gpg4win team and a more recent snapshot. Go with the latter of the two for a more up-to-date version. The claws mail can be installed through gpg4win only as it is a part of this package and it is helpful as it allows you to take advantage of encryption with Claws Mail.

Step 2: When the file is downloaded double click it and go through the installation process. The process is like normal the only difference might be when you come to the components screen. In this screen, you can choose what you want to install, even though you don’t have any other option other than gpg4win, but you can choose whether or not to install Claws Mail. Select  Claws Mail component and click Next.

Step 3: When the installation is completed, create an account in the claws-mail. This process will be done through a simple wizard, which will be simple enough to get a window. 

Step 4: Once you have finished setting up your first account, a window. If you are facing any other issues related to installation process do contact claws-mail support number


There are some unique features in claws mail which are highlighted below:


Linux users agree to the idea that all posts' replies to posts should either be done in-line or at the bottom. So instead of replying to a post at the top you either answer within the body of the original e-mail or wait until the very end of the mail. This retains the flow of the conversation, so the reader doesn't have to move the pages back and forth.

The issue is when most users want the reply on top for easy access. In this kind of situations, Claws Mail templates will help in resolving these issues.

If you are using only one account, click on the Configuration menu and select the Preferences entry. If you have multiple accounts, select any one of the accounts and then click on the Configuration menu and select Preferences for Current Account. Either way, you are going to open a Preferences window that will contain the Templates section.

Three tabs will be shown in this window:

·         Compose: The template is for composing e-mails.

·         Reply: The template is for replying to e-mails.

·         Forward: The template is for forwarding e-mails.

You can set up any or all of these types of templates to be used. But for our example, we are configuring a reply template. Click on the Reply tab to show the Reply template space.

This is perfect for replying to mailing lists, but for other users, it might be not easy. For average users, you would want to reverse this like the sample below:


Now, the tricky part — how to create filters for different types of replies? Here's how you do it. For example, we are going to use the ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.comThe steps are as follows:

·         Create a folder that all the mailing list e-mails will be filtered.

·         Create a filter that will move all e-mails from the mailing list to the folder.

·         Right-click the folder and select Properties tab.

·         Click on the Template tab and create your template as you like.

Now when you reply to an e-mail that is in that folder, the template will apply to the folder.



Although many plugins are not available, there are some handy ones. To enable plugins, go to the Configuration tab and select Plugins. In this new window, click the Load button, select the plugin you want, and click Open.

The plugins you will want to load are:

·        gtkhtml2: Will allow you to view HTML e-mail.

·        Vcalendar: Will add a calendar to Claws Mail

·        Bsfilter: Will provide an anti-spam filter


Claws Mail Phone Number                                                                            

Claws Mail offers a full-featured, light-fast e-mail client for the average and the frequent e-mail users. If you are tired of slow, unreliable, bloated, unstable e-mail clients, let the Claws Mail clung its claws into you; you'll be fixated. Any queries please contact claws mail support phone number


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