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Mozilla Firefox is the browser which enables easy download from the internet. The Firefox users can do safe browsing to protect their personal data. Thunderbird is replicating the new looks of Mozilla Firefox across all Mozilla software desktop or mobile platforms. Without leaving the Thunderbird user can search the web. The Quick Filter Toolbar enables faster filtering of the emails.

There can be issues also with the browser which stops the web access or disables the browser use. The Mozilla Firefox browser problem can be solved with simple troubleshooting and this article will highlight the best steps to fix the Firefox problems. Try solving the problem of your own using the below-prescribed steps and if the problem remains unsolved then contact support experts for advanced assistance.

Here are the troubleshooting steps for Mozilla Firefox problems –

  1. Close all the running programs on the PC or laptop and restart the computer. Often a simple restart can also solve serious browser troubles.
  2. Cache and cookies make the browser access harder and it is advisable to clear the cache & cookies for the best solutions. Click on the ‘Library’ option and then select ‘History’. Now select both the cache & cookies option and then click ‘Clear Now’.
  3. Restart the browser in Safe Mode to fix the browser troubles. The safe mode will disable the extensions, use the default theme, turns off hardware acceleration, and use default toolbar settings.
  4. Reinstall the Firefox browser to solve the Firefox issues. The process will remove your Firefox profile data.
  5. Refresh the Firefox browser. This feature can fix many issues by restoring the Firefox profile to its default state.

Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Phone Number

Dial the Mozilla Firefox technical support phone number for the best help and assistance. The support experts will provide the exact troubleshooting for Firefox problems. To get advanced troubleshooting it is advisable to contact the technical support professionals. 

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