Roadrunner Email Customer Service

Roadrunner email now renamed as Spectrum Support and is working under this name since then. Spectrum email is the cable operating service that provides its service to residents of USA. Along with the cable operating service this company also provides its email service to subscribers along with roadrunner email customer service.

With the advancement of technology, spectrum email developed its features and application to support the mobile operating system. Hence if you are already a user of roadrunner email and do not know how to use this email on your iPhone or Android device then you can follow the steps below to set up the email before contacting roadrunner email customer service.

How to Set up Roadrunner Email on Android

  1. Open the email application from the store of your device.
  2. Enter the roadrunner email address and then tap “Next”.
  3. Now select “POP3” and proceed.
  4. Now write your roadrunner email password and then press “Next”.
  5. For incoming server settings, you need to enter the details. These details can be written as username: roadrunner username, password: roadrunner password that is used to log in, server:, port: 110, security type: None.
  6. After entering the details, tap next and proceed to enter outbox server settings that will remain the same. The only difference in its server settings is a port: 587, server:
  7. After entering the outbox server settings, tap “Next” and then again “Next” to confirm all the details.
  8. Now you can enter your name as this will be visible to all the other users. Your email is set up and ready to use.

How to set up roadrunner email on iPhone

  1. On your iPhone, go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap on mail, contacts and calendar option and then select “Add Account” option.
  3. Select the mail address and then type your roadrunner email username and password and proceed further.
  4. Now manually enter the details of the incoming and outgoing server.
  5. The details that need to be entered will be the same as mentioned above. After entering the details, tap “Next”.
  6. Select the “Save” option to save the settings and your email will is ready.

Roadrunner email customer service is at your disposal if you face any service issue.


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