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Sky Broadband is a broadband service offered in the United Kingdom by sky UK. A 20 Mbps speed is provided to the customers of sky broadband by an open reach landline. Sky also started to provide free broadband and calls package for its digital TV subscribers who are residing or grows under sky broadband network area. This means anyone on Sky can get free broadband and evening & weekend phone calls free, as long as they are living or staying under the area of the service provider of the sky broadband. The Sky broadband organisation has started an email service as sky email for their customers. The customers can call in the Sky email technical support number for any queries which will be resolved with care.


In 2005, SKY agreed to acquire the ISP Easynet. At the time, EasyNet was one of two companies in the UK that used to provide broadband service. In October 2007, Sky reached their service to 1 million customers who also can resolve their issues by sky email technical support service. Sky broadband claims that it adds one new customer every 40 seconds. By the end of 2016, Sky said it has more than 6 million customers. Sky granted on 1 March 2013 to buy the fixed phone line.

The SKY Email team has set up sky email technical support service for better service to the customer. A whole team is there in the backend for sky email technical support service who are ready always to resolve any sort of issues.


Now if you are facing the problem about all the incoming emails or setting up an account, here are the steps you can follow to resolve:

  • If you access your emails only via your web browser, then you need to change your existing password then u need to sign in to Sky Yahoo Mail to check if you still have the access to your email account or not.
  • You can email yourself some test emails to check if your emails get directly to the trash folder or not.
  • All your previous emails will remain there in the trash folder and all new emails should arrive directly into the Inbox.

For any further assistance, you can call to the sky email technical support phone number where your queries will be resolved.

Sky Email Settings for Outlook

Here are the steps for setting up sky email account:

  • Click the Tools menu.
  • Select E-mail Accounts.
  • Select View or change existing e-mail accounts.
  • Click Next option.
  • Choose your account and click Change option.
  • Select More Settings option.

Just beneath the Delivery section of the Advanced tab, do ensure to check the ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server' option. Click OK to save your settings.

If you still feel that your sky email problems still remain or persist than feel free to call at the sky email technical support number.

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